Sights and sounds of summer camps at CMC

Camp CMC 2017

Camp CMC performance Photo: Stuart Zussman

Campers put on an incredible show at the end of their week of playing in ensembles together! Thanks to Camp Director Katie Wreede and faculty members Arwen Lawrence, Tregar Otton, and Jesse Wolff, as well as interns Aaron Bierman and Hannah Hanif from CMC’s Young Musicians Program for making beautiful music and big fun happen!
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Musical Discovery Camp 2017

Musical Discovery Campers Photo: Liz Harvey

Roots music of the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America brought CMC’s Mission Branch to life at the end of June. Thanks to Camp Director Hector Lugo and faculty members Jorge Liceaga and Cecilia Peña-Govea for an amazing week of camp. We can’t wait for more Musical Discovery next year!
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Chamber Music Camp 2017

Chamber DRM
Chamber Camp rehearsal Photo: Liz Harvey

Our chamber campers performed beautiful works from their classical repertoire with the guidance of our stellar coaches! Thanks to Camp Director Poppy Dorsam and faculty members Lauren Coney and Josepha Fath for bringing these budding performers together.
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Concert Band Camp 2017

Concert Band Camp
Concert Band Camp rehearsal Photo: CMC

This is CMC’s first-ever band camp, and we think it was a brilliant addition to our camp family! Thanks to Camp Director Bill McClanahan for bringing the sounds of concert band to CMC’s Richmond District Branch this summer. They bring back great memories to many of us!

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