Private Lessons (quarterly tuition):

Fall and Winter Quarters (14 weeks)

  • 30 minutes $679
  • 45 minutes $1,018.50
  • 60 minutes $1,340.50

Spring and Summer Quarters (8 weeks)

  • 30 minutes $388
  • 45 minutes $582
  • 60 minutes $766

Full payment for the quarter is due at the time of registration. Continuing students who register by paying a $25 deposit should pay their full tuition online prior to the first lesson. In case of financial hardship, installment payment plans may be worked out with the registrar. The best way to make your payment is online. Access your student account to make a payment or call a registrar.

Private Lessons (cost per lesson):

  • 30 minutes $48.50
  • 45 minutes $72.75
  • 60 minutes $95.75

Registration Fee (non-refundable)

  • Individual $15
  • Household of 2+ CMC students $15

Students pay the quarterly registration fee for each quarter enrolled. There is no registration fee for the Summer Quarter.

In addition to tuition assistance, CMC offers multiple discounts on our fees, such as a Group and Ensemble Class Discount and a Multiple Group Class Discount. Learn more.

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