Instrument Rental

CMC offers discount instrument rentals for most instruments.

How to rent an instrument

CMC only rents instruments to students currently enrolled at CMC.  Mission Branch students should notify the registrar that they will be renting an instrument when they have their registration appointment, and their teacher will help them pick out an instrument on the first day of class.  Richmond Branch and off-site students will need to make a separate registration appointment with the Mission Branch Registrar to pick up an instrument.

Rental Fees: One-time deposit of $100, plus a Quarterly fee of $40 for an instrument and case


  • CMC rents instruments to students currently enrolled at CMC.
  • Instruments must be returned by the due date unless the student re-enrolls in their class and renews the rental with the registrar.
  • If a rental instrument is not returned within seven days of its due date, renters will not be able to register for classes at CMC or participate in any CMC programs.
  • Student will be responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen instruments.
    • Damage Fees:  $100 for an instrument returned with damage and/or $100 for a case returned with damage
    • Replacement Fees: If an instrument or case is not returned, student will pay full replacement value of the instrument and/or price of the case

How to donate an instrument

Please fill out our In-Kind Donation Form to begin the process of donating an instrument to Community Music Center. Donations are tax deductible and a confirmation thank you letter will be sent from CMC. Thank you for bringing opportunity to more students with your donation!