CMC’s Wish List

CMC’s Tax ID: 94-1156270

Have any of the following items lying around gathering dust? Bring them to CMC and we will put them to good use!

Musical Instruments

  • Alto saxophone
  • 88 key-digital piano with weighted keys and internal speakers
  • 3/4 size bass
  • Bass guitar
  • Cajon
  • Drum pads
  • 1/2 size cello
  • Electric guitar
  • 3/4 size viola


  • Small bass amp in good working condition
  • Boombox
  • Guitar cables
  • Music stands
  • Video Tripod


  • Cushioned folding chairs
  • Gas grill (new or used) for CMC’s summer camps and other events
  • Play rug for “Family Music” class

If you would like to donate these items or their cost, please contact Linda Hitchcock at or (415) 647-6015 x83.  Many thanks!

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