Tuition Assistance and Discounts

Financial means should never be an obstacle to musical study. We offer various tuition assistance options.

Starred discounts cannot be combined.

Sliding scale discount*

Tuition assistance is based on household monthly net income. To apply: Bring the Tuition Assistance Application Form / Solicitud de apoyo para la matrícula and accompanying documents to the CMC Registration Office at your branch of study after registering.

Private lesson/group class discount*

Tuition for group classes is reduced by 40% with concurrent enrollment in private lessons. (Limit one group class reduction per private lesson enrollment).

Multiple group class discount*

Take more than one class during a single quarter and receive a 10% discount on additional group classes.

Senior discount

Seniors aged 65+ can apply for a sliding-scale discount. Seniors who do not qualify for the sliding-scale discount will receive a 20% discount instead.

Household discount

Each additional person from the same household enrolling in private lessons or group classes will be given a discount of $3.00 per lesson or class. This discount is available to full-fee students only.

Scholarships and Tuition-Free Programs

In addition to tuition assistance, CMC also offers a number of scholarships and tuition-free programs:

Full scholarships for private lessons (ages 18 and under):

A limited number of full scholarships for private lessons are awarded to students age 18 and under based on financial need and merit, based on a nomination from a CMC teacher and a juried audition. Please ask your CMC teacher (or registrar) about this opportunity.

See all tuition-free classes for youth and adults.