Why Give to CMC

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Your gifts make opportunity possible.

83 cents of every dollar you donate to CMC goes directly to help a disadvantaged student learn music.

Last year over 2,400 students enjoyed music lessons, programs and concerts at CMC. Students received nearly $1.7M in tuition assistance.

Another 20,000 music lovers attended one of CMC’s 300 free or low cost concerts.

Your gifts transform lives.

Read about how:
…Bo Yan gets serious about piano.
…CMC makes seniors like Edward sing.
…Ana makes friends for life.

CMC is like my second home and the teachers, like my family, says Bo Yan.

Bo Yan  began studying at Community Music Center in 1999:

  • At age 5, she joined the Music for Children class, developing musicianship through rhythm games, songs and creative movement.
  • At 7, she began piano lessons with teacher Betty Wong and enrolled in the Children’s Chorus, a tuition free, audition free neighborhood singing group where she strengthened her teamwork and music skills. She continues piano lessons today.
  • At 8, she   began violin lessons, while continuing piano study. During this time, she became a soloist at CMC’s holiday play Las Posadas.
  • At 12, Bo Yan shared the stage at the opening of the San Francisco International Music Festival’s Young Artists Piano Duo Concert and determined to focus on piano study.
  • At 15, she appeared as a pianist at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music alongside private lesson students from the Conservatory.

Bo Yan’s CMC private piano lessons were made possible by the Marie Baroody Memorial Scholarship in Piano.

At the Richmond District Branch over 10% of all students were 65 or over during the 2010 summer quarter   up from 5% in 2002 making older adults one of the fastest growing groups at CMC.

The All Student Recital was an affirmation of the quality and work of the CMC.   Good work! – Edward, age 78, referring to the annual concert featuring CMC’s most accomplished students based on their age and years of training.

Edward took piano lessons for 8 years as a boy, which established music as part of his life.   50 years later at age 72 after   college, army, work, and tinkering with music, Edward discovered CMC where, because of the very much appreciated senior rate, I was able to begin again at the piano, also taking theory, Anything Goes Chorus, and sight-singing. He is now making music at the Singing Rounds and Canons class at the Richmond District Branch. In addition to the classes mentioned above, Edward’s five year adventure at CMC has included Introduction to Jazz Theory, Ear Training, Introductory and Intermediate Music Theory and Creative Expression.

We have made lifelong friends and music is our bond. Ana aged 18.

CMC’s Young Musicians Programs provide free youth ensemble and theory training with an intensive, integrated, multi-cultural curriculum. Students participate in weekly group and private lessons, guest artist workshops, multiple performances, and have opportunities to see great musicians through donated tickets or free concerts. 100-115 middle and high school students, ages 12-18, participate in classes for 36 weeks during the school year. Students are divided into three sub-groups based on whether they are part of CMC’s collaborative program with the public schools or CMC private lesson students seeking ensemble training or they live or go to school in the Mission District and wish to play Latin music.

Ana, age 18, studied voice with Martha Rodriguez-Salazar and participated in the Mission District Young Musicians Program. She graduated from Lowell High School and is attending Skyline College. She plans to get a graduate degree and pursue sports medicine at UCSF. Song and the bonds made because of it will always be part of her life.