From the Director of Development



Mary Ann Grossman

What a joy it is to work at Community Music Center every day!  Everyone is made to feel welcome and part of this nurturing, encouraging and supportive community.  Through the walls of the Center I have heard a wide range of musicians, from bold beginners to lifelong learners and even world-class virtuosi.  All are equal at CMC.  Whatever your level, CMC offers students young and old the tools to work on their craft and experience the joy of musical awakening. CMC is totally committed to providing music lessons to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.  Through scholarships and a sliding scale, CMC offered our 2,400+ students nearly $1.7M in tuition assistance last school year.  In a time of global economic challenges, we are seeing the need for financial aid grow each year as we expand the number of students taking private lessons and enrolled in our learning programs.

We know that you share CMC’s belief that every child deserves high quality music lessons.  Can you help us provide this gift to as many children as possible? Please make your gift online.  Your support keeps us strong and keeps our halls ringing with the sounds of musical discovery.

To learn more about how you can support CMC, contact Mary Ann Grossman at or (415) 647-6015 x76 or Christopher Borg at or (415) 647-6015 x73.