Hall Rentals

CMC makes our Concert Hall available to musicians for an affordable price.

The Community Music Center Mission District Branch Concert Hall is available for rent to the public for music-related concerts and events, rehearsals, and sound recording. Renovated in 2006, the concert hall is wheelchair accessible and opens onto the courtyard of an Italianate Victorian house dating back to the 1880s. There is a balcony at the rear of the hall, where there is also a sound recording booth. The auditorium seats roughly 130.

Acoustically excellent, the concert hall houses a 9 foot Yamaha CFX Concert Collection grand piano on stage and a Baldwin six-foot grand piano on the floor. The proscenium stage features a professional-quality lighting system with dimmer board. The rental fee includes a concert manager to open and close the auditorium, handle hall and stage setup, and distribute programs. The fee also includes three hours of rehearsal time prior to the concert date.

Conveniences: There are two restrooms adjacent to the concert hall stage and one wheelchair-accessible restroom adjacent to the courtyard. The building also houses a green room which includes a sink, refrigerator and small electric stove. There are six 3′ x 6′ conference tables, each seating six to eight.

Ticket Prices: Because Community Music Center is dedicated to promoting the accessibility of music, admission charged by professional performers may be no more than $15 for adults and $10 for seniors and students. Concerts by nonprofessionals must be free of charge, except in the event of benefit concerts, which are subject to the approval of Community Music Center’s Executive Director.

Concessions and Receptions: Community Music Center does not allow concert hall renters to sell or solicit contributions for food or beverages on the premises. While a limited amount of wine or beer may be served in either the concert hall or courtyard as part of a reception, the sale of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. Smoking is not permitted in the hall.

Availability and Reservations: The availability of the hall is contingent on regular Community Music Center use of the space. Generally, the hall is only available for concerts on Friday and Saturday evenings or Sunday afternoons and evenings, and for rehearsals on weekday mornings and some early afternoons. To make reservations or inquire about availability of the hall, please contact the Concert Hall Manager on weekdays from 9am-5pm at (415) 647-6015. Hall reservations for concerts should be made at least three months in advance. Reservations for recordings or rehearsal time should be made at least two weeks in advance.

Stage: 32′ x 14′ (448 square feet)
Proscenium Opening: 30′ wide; 11′ tall
Auditorium: 32′ x 34′ (1088 square feet)
Balcony: 260 square feet
Seating Capacity: 130 (theater seating)
Stage Lighting (Basic concert lighting only): Professional lighting system with dimmer board and 15 six-inch frenels with standard color gels
Dimmer Board: 6 x 2.4 KW Dimmer Pack with six-channel controller with script light


Basic 4-hour Concert Rental: $300
This includes 3 additional rehearsal hours, and a concert manager to open and close the auditorium, handle hall and stage setup, and distribute programs.

Discounted 4-hour Concert Rental: $250
For private teachers presenting their students in recital OR for benefit concerts for other organizations. CMC must receive written confirmation of beneficiary. Admission fees over $15/$10 must be approved by CMC’s Executive Director.

Rehearsals, auditions, and additional concert hours: $40/hr

Additional tuning of the 9 foot Yamaha CFX Concert Collection grand piano (the stage piano) or the Baldwin six-foot grand piano (the auditorium floor piano): $100

For more information, contact: Linda Hitchcock, Concert Hall Manager at (415) 647-6015 x83