Registration Policies

Attendance Policy
Missed lessons
Leaves of absence
Photo and video release policy

New student registration: Call the registrar at the branch through which you wish to study to make a registration appointment or begin online.

What to bring to registration:
–Required fees
–Completed Registration Form available in CMC catalog.
–Completed Sliding Scale Application
–Sliding Scale documentation, if applicable. See Financial Aid for details

Purpose of registration: Registration is for scheduling and payment purposes only; the student’s first meeting with the faculty member will take place at the first lesson or class.

Current student registration: Current students are automatically enrolled for the following quarter unless they notify the Registrar with a change or drop request. Students receive an invoice for a $25.00/student deposit to secure their lesson/class times and will be dropped by the deadline if the deposit is not paid.

Late registration: Individuals unable to register during new or current student registration should contact the registrar at the branch where they wish to study. Late registration is pro-rated and on a space-available basis.

Payments: Full payment is due at registration. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. If payment is not made, student will be dropped immediately. In case of financial hardship, one half of the payment due may be paid at registration, with the balance due by the fifth lesson or class (third for Summer Quarter). There is a $15 check return fee.

Attendance policy: Regular and punctual attendance is one of the best investments students can make in their musical education. It is essential to progress, enjoyment and the high quality music at the heart of CMC’s mission.

While some absences may be unavoidable, the accumulation of three or more absences in a given quarter may result in the evaluation of a student’s commitment to future study at CMC.

Communication about attendance is also an essential part of the teacher-student relationship.  If a student is not going to be able to attend a lesson, he or she must notify the teacher or the front office.  Teachers are not required to make up student absences.  On occasion, however, with proper notification a makeup lesson may be arranged.

Missed lessons: Students pay tuition regardless of their attendance. Students must notify the registrar before any absence, but this does not exempt the student from payment. Faculty members are not required to make up missed lessons caused by student absences. Faculty members may make up lessons caused by faculty member absences, or a credit will be applied to the student’s account.

Student Illness Guidelines: While we encourage students to attend all of their lessons, classes, and ensembles, an ill child or adult will not perform well and may expose others to communicable illnesses. If a child is sneezing, coughing and/or sick enough to stay at home from school, please do not send your child to music lessons. Having sick children at CMC creates a hardship for faculty, staff and the community.

Leaves of absence: In cases of serious illness or injury, a leave of absence may be arranged. Prior approval of both the faculty member and Registrar is required. If approved, credit may be given for two or more consecutive absences.

Discontinuation: CMC reserves the right to discontinue a student’s enrollment at any time for reasons including, but not limited to: poor attendance, non-payment of fees, lack of interest, or disruptive behavior. If a student is dropped for non-payment of fees, the student might be able to continue the quarter by paying the unpaid balance.

Refunds: Tuition refunds are given when lessons or classes are canceled by CMC. A refund, minus the first lesson or class cost plus registration fee, may also be given if the student decides not to continue after the first lesson or class and notifies the Registrar at least 24 hours prior to the second lesson. If the Registrar is not notified at least 24 hours in advance, the student is responsible for the full quarter’s tuition. $100 per week of CMC camp tuition is non-refundable: the remainder is refundable only until the cancellation deadline.

Photo and video release policy: CMC occasionally photographs and videotapes students for its print and online publications and those of its partner organizations. Compensation will not be provided. See photo and video release statement in CMC’s Registration Form.