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Community Music Center has branches in the Mission and Richmond Districts of San Francisco and programs throughout the city. Please click on the name of the branch you wish to visit:

Mission District Branch
Richmond District Branch
Mission District Branch (Main)
544 Capp Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
T (415) 647-6015
F (415) 647-3890

Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday, 9am-8pm
Friday, 9am-7pm
Saturday, 9am-5pm
Sunday, 9am-3pm – closed during Summer

Wheelchair Access: Yes, Concert Hall

Si desea hablar con alguien en español, llame o venga por favor entre 9am-5pm de martes a sábado para hablar con Tania Morales.

Parking: New Mission Bartlett Garage (21st Street, between Mission and Valencia Streets)

Public Transportation: MUNI lines 14, 33 & 49, BART 16th or 24th Street Station

Richmond District Branch
741 30th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94121
T (415) 221-4515

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday, 10am-9pm
Saturday, 9am-5pm

Wheelchair Access: Yes

Public Transportation: MUNI lines 5, 31, & 38