Private Lessons

Pick up your guitar again after all these years… Or pick up something new! Develop technical skills, improve your musicianship, learn how to practice,  and gain an appreciation of great music of all genres.

Recommended Ages to Begin:
Toddlers 0-3 years old and their caregivers: Family Music
Children ages 4-7: Music for Children
Children ages 4 and up: violin, viola and cello (with instructor’s consent)
Children ages 6 and up: piano (with instructor’s consent)
Children ages 6-11: String Orchestra for Children
Children ages 8-12: Children’s Chorus, voice lessons for 8-12 year olds with instructor’s consent
Students age 8 through adult may enroll in all other private lessons. 

Tuition and Fees

Brass (view teacher bios)
Cornet Lessons
Euphonium Lessons
French Horn Lessons
Trombone Lessons
Trumpet Lessons

Chinese Instruments (view teacher bios)
Cheun Qum (banjo) Lessons
Guzheng (zither) Lessons
Huluxi (reed instrument) Lessons
Yang Qin (hammered dulcimer) Lessons

Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin (view teacher bios)
Banjo Lessons
Bass (electric) Lessons
Guitar (acoustic) Lessons
Guitar (electric) Lessons
Mandolin Lessons
Ukulele Lessons  (beginning only)

Piano and Accordion (view teacher bios)
Accordion Lessons
Harpsichord Lessons
Piano Lessons

Music Therapy (view teacher bios)

Percussion (view teacher bios)
Drum Set Lessons
Latin Percussion Lessons

Somatic Education for Musicians (view teacher bios)
Body-Mind Centering® Sessions
Feldenkrais® Sessions

Strings (view teacher bios)
Bass (acoustic) Lessons
Cello Lessons
Fiddle Lessons
Viola Lessons
Violin Lessons

Theory and Musicianship (view teacher bios)
Composition Lessons
Ear Training Lessons
Rhythm Lessons
Songwriting Lessons
Sight Singing Lessons
Theory Lessons

Voice Lessons (view teacher bios)
Adult Singing Lessons
Teen Singing Lessons

Woodwinds (view teacher bios)
Clarinet Lessons
English Horn Lessons
Flute Lessons
Oboe Lessons
Saxophone Lessons