Adult Certificate Program

Would you like to focus on your musical education
and work toward specific goals?

If you are an adult student at any skill level and want an integrated and intensive course of study, the Adult Certificate Program (ACP) was created for you. Certificate programs are designed according to your individual needs and interests and are based on CMC’s comprehensive program model made up of private lessons, theory and musicianship, ensemble classes, and performance.

Each individual certificate program is built around an instrument (or voice), musical style (such as classical, Latin or jazz), and your personal goals. To design a program, you will work with the ACP Coordinator and in most cases a faculty member who serves as an advisor throughout your studies. Support is a key benefit of the ACP – regular advising meetings are scheduled to exchange feedback and assess your progress.

Start your program at the beginning of any quarter and complete it in the recommended four to six quarters. Programs are built with a minimum of eight courses selected from CMC’s four core areas of study below.

1. Private Instrumental or Voice Lessons (Min. four quarters)

2. Theory and Musicianship / Composition Classes (Min. two quarters)

3. Group Classes and Ensembles (Min. two quarters)

4. Performance
The performance requirement will be satisfied through participation in recitals at CMC or community-based organizations. Some programs may also incorporate extra performance requirements.

Fees (in addition to CMC’s annual registration fee and quarterly tuition)

ACP Quarterly Support Fee
Winter, Spring, or Fall (12 weeks): $60
Summer (8 weeks*): $36
Sliding scale is available

*Two 8-week quarters are counted as one 12-week quarter towards requirements

For more information, please contact:
Paul Dab, ACP Coordinator
(415) 647-6015