Something for everyone.

Learn to sing or join a jazz band. Play flute in a Cuban Salsa ensemble or percussion in a Middle Eastern one. Learn to read music or compose your own. CMC has something for all ages, interests and abilities. It’s never too late to start playing music!

Whether you want private or group lessons, we’ll help you find the perfect teacher for you. Some classes are free, such as the CMC Children’s Chorus, the Teen Jazz Orchestra and all of our Young Musicians Programs. Browse our website for class information, come visit a branch, or browse a PDF version of our catalog.

Private Instrumental and Voice Lessons: The backbone of music instruction at CMC, private lessons are designed to nurture individual talent and provide the opportunity to learn practice skills, develop technical skill, improve musicianship, and foster an appreciation of great music of all genres. Private lessons are offered in 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions once a week per quarter. Contact the branch where you wish to study to schedule lessons.

Recommended Ages to Begin:
Toddlers 0-3 years old and their caregivers: Family Music
Children ages 4-7: Music for Children
Children ages 4 and up: violin, viola and cello (with instructor’s consent)
Children ages 6 and up: piano (with instructor’s consent)
Children ages 8-12: Children’s Chorus, Group Guitar for Kids and Percussion Ensemble for Kids
Students age 8 and up: all other private lessons (voice lessons for 8-12 year olds with instructor’s consent)
Students 10 and up: Chamber music ensembles for kids with two or more years of musical experience

Theory and Musicianship: Study theory and musicianship along with instrumental or voice lessons for an educational foundation that simply makes playing more enjoyable. These group classes are offered at a 50% discount to those students also enrolled in private lessons.

Group Classes and  Ensembles: Complement instrumental or voice lessons and have fun playing with others! Ensemble classes are offered at a 50% discount to those students also enrolled in private lessons. There are ensemble classes for all levels and abilities.

Student Recitals: Students are welcome to participate in recitals every quarter. Get feedback from faculty members other than your teacher, audition for the All School Recital all-level student showcase held in June, or if age 18 and under, audition for private lesson scholarships (see Financial Aid) at CMC’s May juries.

Concerts at CMC: Attend some of Community Music Center’s nearly 200 free or low costs concerts each year.   They are great for enhancing your listening skills, not to mention building a community of friends at CMC!

Instrument Rentals: Students must have access to their own instruments, and can rent an instrument for a fee of $35/quarter (or $50/quarter depending on the instrument) and an additional $25 refundable deposit due at the time of rental. Instruments must be returned at the quarter’s end unless other arrangements are made with the Registrar. Limited availability.

Classes are taught on a quarterly basis. Please click here to begin.