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Group Class / Program, Piano


Classical, Early Music, Jazz & Blues (Gospel, Traditional, Funk), Latin, New Music, Pop & Rock, Traditional Folk (Us/Int)

Evelyn Davis

(2016) Young Musicians Program Instructor. Detroit native and general wanderer Evelyn Davis is an inside/prepared/new music pianist, improvisor, pipe organist, composer, vocalist, synthesist, teacher, songstress, and maker of /participator in oddly shaped musics with an occasional side of performance art. Most recently this last propensity manifested in joining with Bay Area weirdos Jack o’ the Clock, and longtime indie-pop band Lunchbox, and life tics along, with the constant hum of teaching, song-writing and recording, forever exploring classical music, and improvising with friends.

Evelyn holds an AA in Jazz Performance from the School for Music Vocations at Southwestern Community College, a Bachelor’s in Composition from the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, and a Master’s in Performance and Improvisation from Mills College.