Tony Martinez

(2022). Tony Martinez belongs to that generation of Cuban musicians formed at the end of the 20th century, under the rigorous school of Cuban classical music. Although classically trained, he was soon inclined to learn the rhythms of JAZZ, to which he has dedicated the last decade, combining these styles with traditional Cuban rhythms.

He began his piano studies at the Ignacio Cervantes Conservatory in Havana (Cuba). At the end of his studies, he

traveled to Spain as a pianist in the Cuban music company, Adolfo Guzmán, to present Cuban classical music in different European stages; Germany, Belgium, Spain, Holland and Italy. After that, he combined the stage with his teaching work, giving piano lessons at all levels in different conservatories and music schools in Madrid.

In 2010, he toured the east coast of Brazil: Recife, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Busio, Ila Bela, with the quartet Tony Martinez, on the cruise ship Gran Mistral, of the company Ibero Crucero, based in Madrid, Spain, He was the

coordinator of the music groups of the cruise ship. Since 2011, he has been immersed in a tour of concerts and

recitals around the world: Albania, Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Denmark, Germany, France, Holland, England, Norway,

Portugal, Spain, Sweden and USA. Since 2020 he lives in San Francisco, where he has specialized as a pianist for Piano Bar, Hotels and Events, where he creates an exquisite atmosphere for an evening full of harmony through classical and traditional rhythms and melodies of

Jazz, Blues, Bossa, Bolero, and more.






Classical, Jazz & Blues, Latin

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