Rita Lackey

(2018) Rita Lackey is a Bay Area musician and teacher.  She began her musical career at an early age singing and playing the piano in a gospel choir.  Since that time, Ms. Lackey has taught piano, voice and general music education to adults and children, with all levels of experience.  Her background includes, conducting vocal workshops, acting as choir director and teaching private music lessons.

Her vocal teaching methods include; breathing techniques that improve range, body warm-ups and vocal exercises.  Rita has a special appreciation for traditional Jazz, R&B and Gospel music. Her own thoughts on singing, “Developing the voice is achieved through exploration of one’s own ‘inner workings’.  And, believes the journey should be enjoyable.

As a songwriter, Rita has written music for the Album “A Shot In The Dark”, and is published on B.M.I.  She is currently writing new music for a live recording and C.D. to be released next year.  It’s important to mention that Rita studied music at U.C.S.C, and received a BA Degree in Music with emphasis in Songwriting.

Rita has taught at the Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley, Musically Minded Academy and with the Oakland Youth Chorus. As a professional musician, she has performed at Yoshi’s, The Art and Soul Festival and numerous Special Events.  




Jazz & Blues

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