Paul Espinosa

(2000) The better you can hear and sing “Happy Birthday” the faster you will learn violin or viola. Hear yourself and be physically self-aware. Is the body supportive (arms, hands, shoulders, posture)? or is there counterproductive tension? Practice/hear comfortable and well timed basic moves, then read. Take apart a piece of music this way before practicing the performance version. I studied violin from age 7 to 14 with Leona Neblett and Elizabeth Holborn; viola, with Sven Reher, James Dunham (Cleveland Quartet) – Cal Arts, Milton Thomas – U.S.C., Irving Manning (L.A. Phil. training program) and Hank Dutt (Kronos Quartet) – Mills College – M.F.A. I have mainly played violin the last 10 years figuring out better to ways to play and teach. Two especially helpful chamber music coaches: Eleanor Schoenfeld and David Harrington (1st violin Kronos Quartet) at U.S.C.


Mission, Richmond


Fiddle, Viola, Violin


Classical, Jazz & Blues, Pop & Rock, Traditional Folk (Us/Int)

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