Diane Aurelius

(2015) Music for Children, Family Music. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Diane has been working in the field of early childhood education as a Waldorf teacher and preschool director since 2001. She graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a BA in Liberal Arts. She then completed training from The Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training with emphasis on early childhood education.

With a passion for language and travel, Diane lived and worked in Israel, and Holland, and visited parts of Africa, Cuba, India, the Middle East and Europe. Working as a choreographer and dancer, she created satirical semi-biographical dances from 1990-1995, and performed her original works at ODC, Brady Street Studios, and Theater Artaud. Diane brings her love of movement and story-telling to her work teaching music for children. A current student at the CMC, Diane is a member of Bill Fiege’s woodwind ensemble class, playing alto saxophone, as well as studying privately with Dorothy Barnhouse.


Mission, Richmond




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