Clare Hedin

(2022). Here you can ask for support in; technique and performance, musical/group leadership, and instructions on using your voice for self-care and healing.

Clare is, at the heart of things, a devoted performer, singer, songwriter, musician, improviser, and sound healer. She performs regularly at Grace Cathedral and gives private sound healing sessions. She has also spent decades giving performance workshops that people love in London, UK, and SF/Bay Area. Her creative work focuses on connecting humans with their true nature and their belonging. Her joy is found in playing publically and generating a sense of community through multiple creative connections, both solo and in collaboration. When performing she travels across boundaries; playing music that ranges from folk to jazz, to classical, to ambient, and ‘the numinous’. Her strength is her improvisation and ability to harmonize in complex musical settings. 

Clare also has a particular focus on Voice For Healing. She can teach you how to use your voice to enhance your freedom, presence, peace of mind, creativity, and expand your consciousness. This can also help alleviate physical pain. She has explored music and multiple art forms to facilitate the human ability to grow, deepen, articulate, and communicate. Classically trained in piano and voice, she also plays shruti, guitar, saxophone, and light percussion.

What started as a personal search for meaning became a life of public performing as a singer/songwriter. This was a process! Becoming publicly visible (and audible!) was a journey of courage that she has great empathy for – it is an area that she deeply loves to teach. She is known as a kind teacher, a subtle teacher, a fun teacher, a perceptive teacher with a great ear for what wants to happen and what might be getting in the way. She will encourage you to be more fully you! She believes in her students and her passion is to help you connect to the part of yourself that knows it belongs ‘out there in the world’. Learning with her is fun and inspiring, an invitation to become more than you were when you started the session. Clare’s philosophy is that each moment is a chance to connect, to better understand, to transform, and to grow.

What will you get?

  • Courage, playfulness & musicality.
  • Improved technique; your breathing will extend, your pitch will become more accurate, and your vocal range may even increase. PRECISION!
  • Confidence in discovering your own style of singing – however unique it might be.
  • Voice for Self-Care, Presence, Mood adjustment, Physical Relief, and Grounding. HEAL!
  • Learn to turn right instead of left sometimes – DISCOVER!
  • Find ways that suit you for singing and performing.
  • Explore new ways to harmonize and improvise.
  • Fall more in love with music and your exploration of it. PERSONALIZE!
  • Own the stage with your magic. 
  • Draw people to you and become adept at creating meaningful connections with your audience. CONNECT!
  • Soften and embolden. 
  • Become an accessible, authentic, and powerful performer.
  • Find not just your voice… but find you within it! 
  • People will remember you. IMPACT!






Jazz & Blues, Pop & Rock, Traditional Folk (Us/Int)

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