Bruce Loeb

(2015) Bruce is a graduate of UC Berkeley Music Department and studied harpsichord at the Royal Dutch Conservatory and voice at The Rubin Academy in Jerusalem. He lives in Berkeley where he is active as a piano teacher, vocal coach and piano accompanist. For nearly three decades Bruce Loeb has been creating piano accompaniments for silent films at the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum and the Pacific Film Archive.

Among numerous festivals and shows he has appeared at the Cleveland Museum of Art and the New York Public Library. He has presented silent film for the Esalen Institute and the California FiIm Institute Summerfilm program. Bruce draws upon his knowledge of classical piano, popular music and a talent for improvisation to create scores that complement the visual story-telling of silent movies. Bruce teaches keyboard and sight-reading skills as a foundation for musicianship and developing physical presence in performance. He shows students how to use their voice and posture as a resource in playing the piano






Classical, Early Music, New Music, Pop & Rock

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