SF Chronicle Op Ed, “Music and programming: both creative performances”

Software engineer and CMC student, John Boggs, makes the music education and technology connection in an op-ed article published in the San Francisco Chronicle on November 13, 2015.

A bit of his compelling story:
Those who study music learn patterns: arpeggios, cadences, the blues form, etc. Then, they create something larger using those patterns, often visualizing the work through music notation. Programming is similar, except the patterns are things like “arrays” and “callbacks,” and the notation is code. There is no procedure for writing a sonata or a search engine: It’s a creative process that leverages exploration and experimentation. Both subjects have some theory, but what makes a great musician or programmer is largely good abstract reasoning and intuition for their field. Those skills are developed through practice more than study, and good music and computer science educators will tell you: “You have to do it, before you’ll understand it.”

Read the full piece here: http://bit.ly/1Qtwiyb 

Like technology, we believe that music connects us.

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