SF Chronicle: “At 95, he plays the violin — and builds them, too”

95 year-old CMC student Remo del Tredeci picked up the violin at age 76 and hasn’t stopped playing since! He also happened to teach himself to build violins and has donated about 100 of them over the years.  Each week, he studies with his violin teacher Tregar Otton and rehearses with a CMC string ensemble led by Loretta Taylor. He also keeps up an impressive practicing routine.

Community Music Center is proud to play a part in two out of the four secrets to longevity he shared in today’s article: twice-weekly golf games, regular music lessons, participation in an orchestra and “a brandy Manhattan cocktail every day before dinner time for 50 years. Just one. No more than one.”  Read his story from the cover of the San Francisco Chronicle’s Datebook section!

Read article by Beth Spotswood