Welcoming Ann Mony to CMC as the Operations Manager

Interview: Ann Mony, Operations Manager

Ann Mony is no stranger to CMC. She has been co-producing a monthly swing dance event at CMC for five years. The Bootlegger’s Ball is a well-attended mainstay in the swing dance community and features some of the hottest jazz and swing bands in the Bay Area. In July, Ann came aboard as the CMC Operations Manager. She is helping the school run more smoothly by supporting the daily operations of the staff and working on projects to improve the facilities. Ann’s talents extend to the dance floor too. She is a seasoned swing dance teacher and holds titles from the International Lindy Hop Championships, American Lindy Hop Championships, Canadian Lindy Hop Championships, and more! See her dance in the video below.

Anne MonyWhat’s your background?
I’m originally from Montreal. I’ve been in Operations for about 10 years, mostly for tech companies. I’ve also been teaching swing dancing for 15 years. Swing dancing is what brought me to San Francisco nine years ago. I was traveling around looking for a place with a good swing dancing scene and a city I liked. When I visited San Francisco, I thought the city had the perfect vibe for me. Friends and I started the Bootlegger’s Ball, a monthly swing dance to live music at CMC, five years ago. It’s a great party! You can find us on the web at sfbootleggersball.com and on Facebook. The event is also mentioned CMC’s monthly event email. 


What are some of your career highlights?
Being invited to teach swing dancing in South Africa. It was a highlight when I started my own dance school called Shimmytown. In terms of Operations, I’ve managed six office moves for tech start-ups. 


How did you first come to CMC?
I found it while wandering through the Mission. I thought, “What’s this place?” I popped in and stuck my face in the concert hall window. I knew it would be a great place for the Bootlegger’s Ball. 


What drew you to the position?
The arts are the field I feel most passionately about. I wanted to find a way to marry my arts teaching life with my 9-to-5 administrative life. I thought working at an arts school would be exciting. For people who don’t know, in Operations I manage the infrastructure of the school, everything from furniture, to software, to staff communications— anything that will help the school run smoothly. I’m good with a screwdriver and I can do IT.


How is it going so far? 
I started at the end of July, and it’s going really well. There are a lot of varied projects and the team is great. I feel like I can make a big impact here. I enjoy making my colleagues work easier and more efficient. I love walking down the hallway and hearing music during my work day.


What are you passionate about in your work?
I’m passionate about removing distractions, so people can focus on what they love doing. In my Operations work, I want to make sure my colleagues have what they need so they can focus on their work. As a dance teacher, I want to help students focus on what they need to learn.


What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to raise my kid. My toddler is one and a half. I watch a lot of documentaries and enjoy honing on my cooking skills.

See Ann Mony dance!