Welcome Molly Krost, CMC Development Assistant

Interview: Molly Krost, Development Assistant

We’re happy to have Molly Krost on board as our Development Assistant. Molly brings experience in the arts through her work with Cal Performances. She is also a playwright, so is versed in the necessities of fundraising to bring artistic works to life. Welcome Molly!


How did you come to CMC?
I was working at Cal Performances in the box office as a ticketing agent. I had been working at Cal Performance for six years and was ready for something new. Development seemed like a good next step for me.


What drew you to the position?
Development is something that’s important for me to learn. I am a playwright, and if you want to have your work staged, you need to self-produce which means fundraising. Learning and working on the arts administration side is an important skill. I like the challenge of being busy and having a lot of responsibility in my role as the Development Assistant. I was drawn to CMC because I grew up playing cello and have always loved music.


What do you like about development and fundraising?
Fundraising and development are an essential part of the arts. The only way the arts are going to survive in today’s world is to raise the funds for them.


When you’re not working at CMC, what do like you do?
I am a playwright. I am working on my MFA in Creative Writing at SF State which takes up 90% of my free time. I have a play being staged this Sunday, December 16 in New York at Clutch Productions Theater. I’m also a member of Playground, an organization that helps develop new plays. Every month Playground sends its members a prompt. You have four days to write a short play based off that prompt. Then they select six plays to be staged at Berkeley Rep. My play was selected and staged in November, which was exciting. I like to write about identity, mixed race subject matter, family dynamics, and stories of the Filipino experience. I’m half Filipino and half Jewish. Mixed race subject matter is underrepresented in the arts.

I like to to bake cakes, especially from the Great British Bake Off Cookbook. Also, I just picked up cross-stitching!