We are thankful for our amazing volunteers!

This year Community Music Center has welcomed volunteer groups from Salesforce, Dropbox, Google, and Autodesk to our Mission Branch. These teams provided valuable support on a range of impactful projects including customizing our donor database (Salesforce), archiving and framing historical photos (Dropbox), and streamlining our online presence (Google). A Dropbox team also made a short video for CMC’s young musicians about the connection between music and their careers in the tech industry.

In particular, Field Day at CMC has been given a huge boost by volunteer teams from Autodesk, and will be greatly supported by volunteers from Wells Fargo. Autodesk volunteers had a crucial role in the pre-production of Field Day through branding, communications, and designing an historical installation. Wells Fargo volunteers will be helping at Field Day on November 20 with set up, greeting, and registering.

We also want to thank our many student and parent volunteers who regularly contribute to our work. The work of all our volunteers truly makes a difference in supporting and furthering CMC’s programs, events, and mission.

For more information about CMC’s volunteer program, please visit our volunteer opportunities page.