Thanks to Autodesk designer and CMC volunteer, Paul Fortin!

The artist behind Field Day at CMC

Last June, CMC took part in Autodesk’s Month of Impact and hosted a dream team of communications, social media, and branding volunteers for a day. Among them was Paul Fortin, Art Director at Autodesk. Paul has been with Autodesk for 16 years and is experienced in visual brand identity, graphic design, and event design.

As the volunteer team worked on a communications and social media plan for Field Day at CMC, our first-ever Performathon dedicated to our founder Gertrude Field, Paul sketched out a design that would become the event’s logo:

CMC Field Day originalAll of our Field Day communications, including posters, postcards, and digital media featured the logo. CMC received countless compliments on this fun, colorful design, which we look forward to sharing for many more Field Days.


Time for a Do Re Mi facelift

Paul’s passion for helping CMC was evident not only in the top-notch design work he did for us, but his continued volunteer support. He was only an email away when we asked him to help us design a logo for our Do Re Mi newsletter redesign. Since CMC doesn’t have a dedicated in-house designer, having a such a skilled volunteer is a huge help. Paul provided us with yet another lively and musical logo:

CMC doremi new
A big thanks to Paul and every CMC volunteer

A big thanks to Paul Fortin for making us look good! He turned our ideas into reality with logos that we love, and will use for years to come.

We truly appreciate the many volunteers who contribute to Community Music Center. Find out how you can get involved at CMC through our volunteer program.