Saying “Thank You” with a little music

One of CMC’s board members and students, Cathi Kwon, hatched a beautiful idea. In appreciation of all the many people who continue to go to jobs and provide services for the many who are staying at home, she wants to say, “Thank you” with music. In the spirit of Italians singing from balconies during their quarantine, her idea is that on Wednesdays at 6:00 PM people can show their appreciation by playing “With a Little Help from my Friends” by the Beatles. People can play music out their windows and/or video themselves playing. CMC will take these videos and share them with the world through our social media.

Cathi has put together a website of resources with sheet music and instructions about how to upload a video of yourself playing. Will you join this movement by playing along and sharing a video? Visit the Musical Thank You site and also join the Facebook group to stay in the loop.

Musical Thank You Website

Facebook Group


Cathi Kwon shares the Musical Thank You idea in this video: