Growing in Harmony: A Look at the Renewed CMC Campus

After years of planning and construction, Community Music Center’s (CMC) Expanded Mission Branch Campus is now open to the public. This eagerly awaited project aims to create a more inclusive and welcoming space for students, teachers, staff, and the extended musical family to come together and make music. Here, we share the key features you’ll discover when visiting:

Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities (ADA): Accessibility was a top priority during the renovation, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the musical experience at CMC. The main entrance is now located at the southeast corner, with an ADA-accessible ramp leading to the front door. An elevator provides access to the reception/registration area and classes on the third floor, with ADA-accessible pathways throughout the campus.

New Piano Lab: A highlight of the expansion is the modern piano lab. Seven new electric Yamaha Clavinovas, soon to be connected by the Yamaha Lab System, enable interactive group piano classes. This substantial investment in programming promises an enriching musical experience for students.

Cutting-edge Audio Systems: Each new studio, including studio 12 in the historic building, is equipped with the latest BOSE S1 speakers, providing powerful sound reinforcement and playback options. These speakers, featuring XLR (microphone), instrument cable, and Bluetooth capabilities, enhance the auditory experience for both students and instructors.

Recital Hall and Grand Piano: The new recital hall boasts hardwood floors, acoustic baffling in the ceilings, motorized blinds, and ceiling spotlights, creating an exceptional environment for performances. The addition of a beautiful Bechstein grand piano ensures a high-quality musical experience in this intimate space.

Cottage Studio for Ensembles: The once curious-looking building at the rear of the property is now the Cottage Studio, providing a perfect space for ensembles. An ADA-accessible deck surrounds the building, offering another spacious area for group classes.

Security Improvements: Significant security measures have been implemented with the installation of buzzers and cameras at all entrances. Security cameras cover all angles of both historical and new buildings, ensuring complete surveillance of the entire campus. Additional lighting, including floodlights and string lights, enhances visibility and adds a magical touch to the courtyard.

Additional Bathrooms: Four additional ADA-accessible restrooms have been added to the campus, alleviating lines during events and concerts.

Expanded Gardens and Courtyards: The campus has undergone a visual transformation with the addition of new trees, plants, and flowers. Paved pathways in the main courtyard and a performance nook in front of the new building offer welcoming spaces for both musicians and visitors.

Expanded Bike Parking: Responding to community requests, there are eight well-lit bike parking spots at the rear of the campus, with plans to add two more. Additionally, four bike parking spots are available on the sidewalk, ensuring a safe and monitored space for cyclists.

Vibrant Aesthetic: The campus now boasts a vibrant blue exterior with yarrow yellow doors and cream trim, making CMC easily recognizable and adding a fun touch to the overall ambiance.

 Come see it for yourself—we are eager to welcome you! CMC’s Expanded Campus represents a commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, providing a welcoming space for all music enthusiasts. The new features and enhancements aim to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable, inspired, and ready to make music together.