Field Day at CMC: What a party!

By CMC Executive Director, Christopher Borg

Field Day collage forNewsWhat a party! On Sunday, November 20, our community gathered at the biggest birthday party in CMC history for our first Field Day, named after CMC’s founder Gertrude Field. The 95th birthday celebration brought together a wide range of fun open-house activities and performances, including our first-ever 6-hour Performathon that generated over $23,300 for student scholarships. Nearly 180 CMC students, parents, graduates, faculty, staff, board members, neighbors, volunteers, and community friends performed as a string of soloists and ensembles on the afternoon Performathon. The turnout of registered performers far exceeded expectations pushing staff to transform the executive director’s office into “The Gertrude Field Parlor” in order to create a second performance venue.

Student performers came from 43 teaching studios and represented several areas of CMC program offerings including the Children’s Chorus, Young Musicians Program, Chamber Music Program, and Older Adult Choir Program as well as various group classes for adults and children from both Richmond and Mission District Branches. New musical ensemble collaborations emerged among students, parents, families, staff, faculty, and board members and the day was honored with its own theme song, “What a Wonderful Day,” composed by faculty member Larry Dunn.

The success of Field Day and Performathon could not have taken place without the talents and dedication of CMC’s extraordinary staff, faculty, board members, and volunteers. What a team! I want to thank everyone who worked so hard to make this day memorable and successful. For the single reason that the Performathon offered anybody and everybody the opportunity to participate, I am happy to announce that this will be a new annual community gathering at Community Music Center.