Emanuel Ax master class a chance of a lifetime for CMC students

Celebrated pianist Emanuel Ax returned to Capp Street in January to offer a second master class to CMC musicians and audiences. Participating that day were 7th grader Susanna Lau, 6th grader Rebecca Portnoy, chamber music students Dov Grunschlag, Julie McDevitt and Kari Prindle, and piano duo Carrie Chan and Nayoung Kim.

“It is not every day someone gets to meet one of the best musicians in the world, Emanuel Ax. Your comments helped me understand the piece better think beyond what is written in the music, and try out new things too. At first, I was really nervous when I came, but once I saw you personally and how nice you were, that calmed me down.” Rebecca Portnoy, from a letter of appreciation to Emanuel Ax.

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