CMC Sessions 2022: Traditions Moving Forward

December 17, 2021

By Grace Huenemann and Tregar Otton

Two highly successful projects from last year, “CMC Sessions,” from the cultural traditions department, and “Spotlight Seminars” from the piano department, are joining together in an exciting collaboration funded by a CMC Faculty Partnership Grant.

CMC Sessions: Traditions Moving Forward will begin in January 2022, and will showcase the talents of ten CMC faculty members from diverse classical and non-classical traditions. The online presenters will use video, audio, and lecture-demonstrations to illustrate the influences and musical education that shaped them, and to highlight how their unique interests impact their teaching and performing at CMC. Their personal stories illustrate the breadth of talent among CMC’s teachers and show some of the ways the school is creatively adapting historical traditions to inspire and guide the musicians of tomorrow. These presentations by our fantastic faculty are going to be fascinating. Be sure to tune in!

The free series will be broadcast live through Zoom on Thursdays from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. Students, faculty, and friends of the CMC community are welcome. The participants and topics are listed below.

Meet these talented and inspiring faculty:

January 13 Jennifer Peringer A CMC Teacher’s Musical Journey of Multicultural Explorations, Creative Expression, and Community Engagement

January 27 Larry Dunn How Jump Swing Influenced My Music Making

February 10 Tregar Otton Classical Foundations, Popular and Traditional Performance and Pedagogy

February 24 Omar Ledezma Jr. The Music of Pacific Mambo Orchestra: A Percussionist’s Perspective

March 10 Jon Jang One Day American, One Day Alien: Black & Brown Artists Who Made the National Anthem Their Own

March 24 Evelyn Davis Beginning Improvisation

June 9 Joshua Saulle Vocal Traditions and Choral Innovations

June 16 Lilia Zheltova Traditions of the Russian Piano School and Their Implementation in Today’s American Teaching

June 23 Michaela Overall Teaching and Supporting the Neurodiverse Piano Student

June 30 Martha Rodríguez-Salazar Bridging Cultures and Creating Communities: How My Binational Experience Shaped My Musical Perspectives.

RSVPs for this series at the above links.