Chamber Music Program expands its offerings

CMC’s Chamber Music Ensemble Program has been growing by leaps and bounds. Since the Fall Quarter, the program has blossomed from three students to 22. The program still offers standard classical music groups, but has opened up the formation of groups based on the musical interests of the applicants. This has resulted in folk and blues chamber ensembles, along with the classical groups the program is known for.

For Katrina Wreede, Chamber Music Program Coordinator, the goals of the program are to get CMC students playing music together, playing the music they are most interested in playing, matching them with compatible musicians, and finding inspiring chamber music coaches from the CMC Faculty who have expertise in the genre. Chamber group configurations right now are duos and trios to limit possibilities of COVID exposure. Groups are limited to older teens and adults, and require a short Zoom audition.

It’s not too late to join a group this quarter!

Learn more about the program at the link below, and then fill out the chamber music inquiry form to get started. Tuition for group classes is reduced by 50% with concurrent enrollment in private lessons. (Limit one group class reduction per private lesson enrollment).

Chamber Music at CMC