Announcing CMC’s 2017-2018 Merit Scholars

Each May, a jury of CMC faculty and staff auditions students for full scholarships for the next school year’s private lessons. These awards are based on need and merit. This year we heard dozens of youths play an extraordinarily diverse repertoire. The following are the 2017-2018 Merit Scholarship recipients:

Charlotte Ackerley Memorial Scholarship
Ying Chen, violin student of Sin-Tung Chiu

Chevron Scholarship
Amy Yu, violin student of Oscar Hasbun

Bella and P.P. Chiu Memorial Scholarship Fund
Isabella Torrez, voice student of Martha Rodriguez-Salazar
Murali Meyer, voice student of Jonathan Smucker
Leo Safir, clarinet student of Michael Jordin
Alexandra Granat, flute student of Annelise Zamula

Ruth and Martin Elsner Memorial Scholarships
Megan Ma, violin student of Abigail Shiman
Qiao Ying Chen, piano student of Sarah Stiles

Gertrude Field Memorial Scholarship
Dinh Tran, flute student of Diane Grubbe

Marian N. Ford Memorial Scholarship in Strings
Olivia Chan, violin student of Sin-Tung Chiu

Tyler Guge Memorial Scholarship
Journey Moore-Prewitt, piano student of Maestro Curtis

Harold Haber Memorial Scholarship
Maritza Bautista, piano student of Evelyn Davis

Hilda Haber, Jr. Memorial Scholarship in piano
Hannah Kim, piano student of Grace Yu

Koret Scholarship
Susanna Lau, piano student of Janis Mercer

Ross McKee Memorial Scholarships in Piano
Christine Chen, student of Les McWilliams
Trinity Lee, student of Tatyana Mikhaylenko
Rosa Zhang, student of Lilia Zheltova
Laura Chen, student of Elyse Weakley
Tiffany Ian, student of Tatyana Mikhaylenko

Alice Morini Memorial Scholarship
Sophia Manodori, violin student of Tregar Otton

Maurice, Helen, and Carl Shapiro Memorial Scholarship
Sunnie Lee, piano student of Paul Dab

The Shenson Foundation Scholarship
Brenton Lai, piano student of Lilia Zheltova

Shorr Memorial Scholarship in Chamber Music
Kelly Lee, violin student of Oscar Hasbun

Gioia Taber Piano Scholarship
Kimberly Chen, piano student of Grace Yu

Mrs. Paul L. Wattis Memorial Scholarship
Amy G. Li, flute student of Annelise Zamula

Joan Wild Memorial Scholarships
Vanessa Lopez, piano student of Shirley Marshall
Devin King-Roberts, piano student of Kristine Zhang

Peter F. Ostwald, M.D. Memorial Scholarship
Lola Salomon, cello student of Ben Snellings

Reah Sadowsky Memorial Scholarship (sponsored by Women Musicians Club of SF)
Jennifer Lee, piano student of Christian Bonvin

Isabel Hesselberg Memorial Scholarship
Karen Domingo, piano student of Martha Rodriguez-Salazar

James Hunt Scholarship
Priscilla Guan, flute student of Annelise Zamula

Ruth Lasky Scholarship
Manhattan Liu, ukulele student of Erik Pearson