Sabrina Raphael: Making a Difference Through Volunteering

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Sabrina Raphael embodies the power of volunteering, especially in the community of music. Her heartfelt commitment to facilitating access to music education for all has driven her involvement with the Community Music Center (CMC). For Sabrina, music is a unifying force that brings people together, creating a community of like-minded individuals who share the same […]

Buying a Keyboard: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Instrument

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As a piano student, selecting the right keyboard is crucial to your musical journey. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, your instrument should embody quality, functionality, and inspire your creativity. In this guide, we’ll explore the essentials of buying a keyboard, including features, brands, and sample models across different price ranges. Basics A […]

Beginner’s Guide to Voice Studies

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“I don’t sing because I’m happy. I’m happy because I sing.” ― William James There are few joys as accessible as singing—whether it’s singing along to the radio, joining a community choir, singing a bedtime lullaby to a child, or just in the privacy of your own shower—it’s the only instrument that’s part of yourself. […]

From Student to Opera Composer: The Journey of Vance Maverick

Vance Maverick

Vance Maverick, a composition student at CMC, is ready to debut his first opera this June at the CMC Concert Hall in the Mission. His path to this achievement has been marked by dedication, collaboration, and support from the community. Maverick’s passion for musical composition began at 13 when he discovered the Bach Brandenburg Concerti. […]

Elevating Trans Voices: New Voices Bay Area TIGQ Chorus

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Creating community through music, especially through singing, is an incredible gift that we all possess. We have this amazing ability to connect through communal music-making, communal creation, and shared purpose, and it’s something that is perfectly encapsulated in choir and choral settings. It’s such a refreshing and soul-releasing opportunity that we have, becoming an amazing […]

Black Music- A Soundtrack of Social Movements and History

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If you ever want to know anything about what people have gone through, in writing it can be manipulated and changed. And we know that we have seen narratives changed over and over throughout the years. But one thing you cannot change is the music, the music has always told the story. – Maestro Curtis, […]

Common Mistakes to Avoid as a Beginning Pianist


Learning to play the piano can be an exciting and rewarding journey, but like any skill, it comes with its own challenges. As a beginner, it is important to be aware of common mistakes that can hinder your progress and diminish the enjoyment of your musical activity. By recognizing and addressing these obstacles from the […]

Growing in Harmony: A Look at the Renewed CMC Campus

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After years of planning and construction, Community Music Center’s (CMC) Expanded Mission Branch Campus is now open to the public. This eagerly awaited project aims to create a more inclusive and welcoming space for students, teachers, staff, and the extended musical family to come together and make music. Here, we share the key features you’ll […]