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Jose Roberto Hernandez

(2019). Jose Roberto Hernandez is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, arranger, producer, musical educator, and ethnomusicologist. In the San Francisco Bay Area, where he resides, he is one of the most respected exponents of folkloric music.

Born in the city of Cardenas, Tabasco, Mexico, his musical career begins in Tabasco and continues in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico City, and the United States. Surrounded by master folklorists, he roots his career in traditional music, and discovers that this is his greatest passion. This transforms him into a collector and performer of native and traditional instruments, and, always thirsting to discover and learn about other cultures, he becomes an investigator of customs and traditions in dance and music.

His devotion, creativity, and professionalism in the genre of traditional music have earned him the recognition of great musicians from Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and Argentina. He is known for his innovative use of traditional forms and instruments in combination with contemporary music and has earned much respect as a musician, singer, composer, and producer.

Jose Roberto has worked and recorded with renowned masters and prestigious institutions like: Orestes Vilato, John Santos, Jesus Diaz, Bobi Cespedes, Marina Lavalle, Lalo Izquierdo, Kat Parra, Edgardo Gambon, Carlos Caro, David Pinto, Felipe Pumarada, Gigio Parodi, Fernando Nataren, Leonel Diaz, Tito Manrique, Miguel Ballumbrosio, Omar Ledezma Jr. Braulio Barrera, Ana Nitmar,Martha Toledo, Hebert Rasgado, Eddy Navia, Guido Moscoso, Jose Luis Reynolds, Miguel Sisniegas, Manuel Constancio Jr, Ernesto Oviedo, Pedro Rosales, Lali Mejia, Peta Robles, Daniel Zamalloa, Miguel Martinez, Silvestre Martinez, Andres Flores, Rosa los Santos, Greg Landau, Roberto Chiofalo, Julio Perez, Miguel Govea, Gabriela Shiroma, Zenon Barron, Tahmoures Pournazeri, Los Cenzontles, Macon Georgia Symphony’s, Oakland California Symphony’s, San Francisco California Symphony’s, World Art West. www.joserobertomusic.com