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Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone


Classical, Jazz & Blues (Gospel, Traditional, Funk), Traditional Folk (Us/Int)

Teddy Raven

(2020). Teddy Raven is a saxophonist, composer, and educator based in the Bay Area CA. As a Fulbright recipient (2012) and winner of the Make Jazz Fellowship (2016), his work combines elements of his background in jazz with his intensive study of Balkan folk music, along with utilizing aspects of electronic and classical influences. A graduate of the USC Jazz Studies program, and most recently from SFCM with a Professional Studies Diploma in Technology and Applied Composition, Teddy has garnered a wide array of applied musical knowledge with over a decade of professional experience. He’s always maintained a balance between teaching, composing, and performing, and strongly believes all of these practices feed into the other, and enjoys sharing everything he’s learned with eager students. Learn more at www.teddyraven.com