(Re)Imagine: 100 New Works from Cava Menzies & CMC


Coming April 4! 

CMC is thrilled to announce the launch of (Re)Imagine: 100 New Works by Cava Menzies & CMC.

Half of the 100 works will be created by Cava Menzies with international and local musicians and the other 50 by CMC’s Young Musicians and Mission District Young Musicians Programs. This music will be shared in a daily email from April 4 through May 23, bringing musical inspiration to your day. 

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About (Re)Imagine:

(Re)Imagine envisions new ways of musical collaboration and community. The CMC young musicians have created rich and varied compositions with the support and mentorship of Menzies and CMC faculty, exploring concepts that include racial division, thankfulness despite loss, homelessness, the Delta variant, increased traffic, lack of parking because of construction, culture in the hallways at school, needing to escape to your imagination, and many others. Some of Menzies’s compostions highlight collaborations with Lisa Forkish, on the theme of bird murmuration patterns and notions of flexibility, community and adaptability; Valerie Troutt, exploring what we consume as a collective and how it impacts our mind, our thinking, and our quality of life; and Justin Ouellet, examining our uncertain time and what it feels like to be patient while waiting for stable footing to emerge.