Plug & Play Music Day

April 10, 2021 @ 1:00 pm – 3:15 pm

Plug & Play Music Day returns!

You are invited to plug into inspiration and musical community. You’ll get an inside look at online group classes and private lessons at Community Music Center by trying out an online music class demo with CMC’s talented faculty. Play with new musical skills and explore easy to learn music.

No experience is necessary to participate.

How to plug in:

RSVP to this event and we’ll send you Zoom links to each online class. In the RSVP process indicate which classes you are interested in attending to receive those Zoom links. Zoom links will be sent out 48 hours, 2 hours, and 10 minutes before the event via the email used to register.


1:00–1:30pm – Beginning Percussion with Omar Ledezma Jr.

Welcome to Plug & Play unplugged drumming! Learn basic rhythms and techniques of the art of playing drums! All kind of drums are welcome, and if you don’t have a drum, you can use a bucket, or a home made shaker, or your own body to take the class!

1:35–2:05pm – Beginning Guitar with Larry Dunn

Get acquainted with the guitar, as Larry guides you through how to play the chords and melody to a simple song.

2:10–2:40pm – Beginning Piano with Paul Dab

Paul will share techniques for starting to learn the piano. You’ll learn how to find notes on the keyboard and apply those to a simple melody and chords, playing with rhythms and musical elements.

2:45–3:15pm – Ukulele for Beginners with Erik Pearson

Join Erik in an introduction to the ukulele. This hands-on demo class will teach some basic chords and strum patterns. Erik will guide you in applying these skills to an easy-to learn-song.