CMC Sessions: Traditions Moving Forward with Jennifer Peringer

January 13, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

CMC Sessions: Traditions Moving Forward

Make musical discoveries with faculty from Community Music Center as they explore their methods, approaches, and creative practices in adapting musical traditions to inspire and guide the musicians of tomorrow. CMC Sessions: Traditions Moving Forward showcases the talents of faculty from the CMC Cultural Traditions and Piano Departments who represent diverse classical and non-classical traditions in workshops and presentations. The online workshops will use video, audio, and lecture-demonstrations to illustrate the faculty members’ influences and the musical education that shaped them, highlighting how their traditions impact their teaching and performing at CMC. Their personal stories illustrate the breadth of talent and creativity in CMC’s faculty.

Meet these talented and inspiring faculty:

Jennifer Peringer, A CMC Teacher’s Musical Journey of Multicultural Explorations, Creative Expression, and Community Engagement

January 13, 2022 at 7pm (PT)

Jennifer will use musical examples from her life (videos, photos, recordings, and live performance) to illustrate the different ways she has explored the themes of cultural identity, creative expression, and community engagement in her musical life history, and share how Community Music Center has been part of that process since the 1970’s. Jennifer’s eclectic background includes explorations of many musical cultures, including North Indian, Balinese, Ghanaian Cuban, Colombian, Mexican, and jazz, as well as classical, contemporary, and folk music of European ancestry. Her explorations of creative expression have included many commissioning, recording and performance projects. Her community engagement began with playing protest music on marches, and has gone on to include investigations and promotion of music by women and Black composers, and the co-founding of several vibrant community choirs for older adults. The support and inspiration of CMC have been key to many of Jennifer’s musical life adventures, and she is grateful to have the opportunity at CMC to help students of all ages and backgrounds to find their unique paths in the wonderfully wide world of music.

This event will be conducted online via video conferencing. RSVP  HERE to receive the link to join, emailed prior to the start of the discussion.

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Jennifer Peringer is a pianist, arranger, and accordionist who is passionate about playing music from around the world, with specialties in Latin American repertoire and newly composed music. She is a founding member of the Bernal Hill Players, and also plays with Latin folk duo Chile y Limón and piano duo partner Lauren Cony. Jennifer earned music degrees from the University of London and San Francisco State University, and has taught at Community Music Center since 2000, where she regularly performs in the Shenson Faculty Concert Series and the annual faculty Keyboard Marathon. Over the years she has taken on many projects at CMC, including producing a faculty chamber music series, coordinating the student chamber music program, teaching at the children’s music summer camp, and serving as head of the piano department.