Acción Latina Presents PASEO ARTISTICO: History Matters in the Mission

October 23, 2021 @ 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Adobe Books
3130 24th St
San Francisco, CA 94110

PASEO ARTISTICO: History Matters in the Mission
October 23, 2021
Indoor and Outdoor Events 12:00–6:00PM

CMC performance at 3:30PM
outside Adobe Books
3130 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

CMC joins Acción Latina’s community art stroll Paseo Artístico: History Matters in the Mission, for a celebration of arts, culture, and political history in the Mission District up and down 24th Street, from puppets to dancers, visual and performing artists, and historical archives to modern-day augmented reality technology. Alongside local artists, CMC will present an intergenerational performance by CMC’s Mission District Young Musicians Program, featuring collaboration between students, faculty, and alumni to celebrate the innovative Latin music program and kick-start CMC’s Centennial celebration of 100 years of music for everyone. Performers include MDYMP, Older Adult Choir singers, CMC alumni-turned-faculty-members Nena Aldaz, Erick Peralta, Cecilia Peña Govea (aka La Doña), Miguel Govea, and more to be announced. Program includes original music by Marco Diaz (CMC alum and previous faculty).



History Matters in the Mission (HMM) documents important cultural, artistic and political events in the Mission District based on the archival material from 50 years of El Tecolote Bilingual Newspaper, and interviews with local legendary artists and activists including Yolanda Lopez, Michael Ríos, Juan Gonzales, Joan Holden and Carlos Barón. Lead artist and director Paul S. Flores interviewed each local luminary to craft performances as both interpretations and reenactments of important events in The Mission from the 1970’s that still resonate today. Flores collaborated with choreographer Vanessa Sanchez, who also plays Yolanda Lopez, and musician Pedro Gomez, costume designer Jessica Recinos, puppeteer Jonathan Youtt, actress Edna Mira Raia, and Augmented Reality designer Shamsher Virk, to recreate the sounds and looks of the five Mission luminaries whose stories will be performed at different sites along 24th Street. Each site will host a 5-10 minutes performance highlighting one of the local legends. Augmented Reality (AR) featuring videos, artwork and archival photos from El Tecolote will be available for viewing through your smartphone at select locations along the Paseo route.

“The Mission really became a Latino neighborhood in the late 1960’s. It was around then these legendary local artists I interviewed found themselves in the Mission in 1968 during the Strike for Ethnic Studies at SF State, and the Black Panthers movement,” says director Paul S. Flores, who also wrote the street theater project. “From 1970-1977 the Mission exploded with Latino culture including the mural movement, Los Siete de La Raza, the founding of Galeria de La Raza, El Tecolote Newspaper, establishment of Carnaval and Dia de Los Muertos events. So much of what people recognize about the Mission District of San Francisco, including our burritos and Santana’s Latin rock music really takes off in 1970. But just as the neighborhood was gaining a reputation as a Latino community, BART constructed two stations in the heart of the neighborhood in 1973 on Mission and 24th Street, and 16th Street. Some locals saw the City’s rapid transportation plan as the blueprint for what would become tech based gentrification. Others saw it as an opportunity to educate new visitors about Latino culture in the Mission.”

History Matters in the Mission is a mini historic tour down 24th street presented in the form of a street theater procession with live music on a flatbed truck, dancing in the street, giant puppets, and elements of radical street theater originally introduced by the SF Mime Troupe in the 1960’s, with elements of today’s technology such as networked mobile devices and AR. The Chicana feminist artist Yolanda Lopez, who recently passed away in September, was very inspirational in the project conception during conversations with Paseo Artistico coordinator Paul S. Flores in the Fall of 2019 at Accion Latina. The show is dedicated to her in honor of her artistic and local community contributions. Vero Majano, the Community Music Center’s Mission District Young Musicians Program also feature.

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12PM – Precita Eyes History of Balmy Alley Mural Tour

1PM – Brava Theater (2781 24th Street) Dedicated to Joan Holden
Feat. Edna Mira Raia
History Matters in the Mission Band: Pedro Gomez, Jason Moen, Chris Carter, Baba Daru
Choreographer Vanessa Sanchez. Dancers: Jessica Recinos and Diana Aburto Ibarra
Special guest performer (inside Brava cabaret): Vero Majano “Remember Los Siete”

2PM – Acción Latina (2958 24th Street) Dedicated to Juan Gonzales
Feat. Paul S. Flores, with Vanessa Sanchez
AR by Shamsher Virk

3PM – Harrison & 24th Street (continues to Balmy Alley) Dedicated to Yolanda Lopez
Feat. Vanessa Sanchez
Jessica Recinos and Diana Aburto Ibarra, Batuci drummers
Giant Puppet by Jonathan Youtt
AR by Shamsher Virk

3:30PM – Adobe Books (3130 24th Street) Feat. Community Music Center Mission District Young Musicians Program
with special guests including CMC alumni and Miguel Govea y Familia

4PM – House of Brakes (3195 24th Street) Dedicated to Carlos Barón
featuring Paul S. Flores, with Vanessa Sanchez, Jessica Recinos and Diana Aburto Ibarra

4:30PM – Dance Mission (3316 24th Street) featuring Dance Brigade (inside)
The Bay Area’s original feminist, political dance theater company directed by Krissy Keefer

5PM – 24th Street BART Station (East Side) Dedicated to Michael Ríos
Feat. Paul S. Flores
Pedro Gomez, Jason Moen, Chris Carter, Baba Daru
Vanessa Sanchez, Jessica Recinos and Diana Aburto Ibarra
Cranky painting and moving illustrations by Josue Rojas
AR by Shamsher Virk

5:30PM – Mission Cultural Center (2868 Mission Street) Featuring Mission Grafica exposition

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