El Son de la Misión Program

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El Son de la Misión Program

El Son de la Misión” se transmitirá para ayudar a recaudar fondos para alivio alimentario para familias del Distrito de la Misión

Poster art by Carlos “Kookie” Gonzaléz

CMC se une a Carnaval San Francisco para transmitir en vivo la producción del 2016 de CMC “El Son de la Misión: A Musical Journey from 1960–Present” en un evento de recaudación de fondos de varios días llamado Juntos Contra el Hambre (Fighting Hunger Together). Se estarán recaudando fondos para Mission Food Hub, el cual proporciona alimentos a 7,000 familias semanalmente. Este evento de transmisión en dos partes se llevará a cabo el 3 de agosto (primera parte) y el 10 de agosto (segunda parte) a las 5:00 pm en la página de recaudación de fondos del Mission Food Hub con un teletón virtual. La transmisión se realiza como parte de la “Encore! Summer Concert Series” de CMC, durante la cual se transmite un concierto de los archivos de la sala de conciertos de CMC semanalmente del 20 de julio al 6 de septiembre.

Combatiendo el hambre juntos 
El Mission Food Hub fue creado por el Latino Task Force para abordar la inseguridad alimentaria en el Distrito de la Misión durante la pandemia, la cual ha afectado desproporcionadamente a la comunidad latina en todo el estado y en San Francisco. El grupo de trabajo fue co fundado por el director artístico de Carnaval San Francisco, Roberto Hernández. Sylvia Sherman, Directora de Programas de CMC, inspirada en el trabajo de Carnaval SF de alimentar a las familias del Distrito de la Misión, quiso apoyar sus esfuerzos. La transmisión de “El Son de la Misión” como parte de la “Encore! Summer Concert Series” de CMC se presentó como la oportunidad perfecta para unirnos y crear conciencia en la comunidad de CMC sobre esta campaña de distribución de alimentos.

Encargado y producido originalmente por Community Music Center en 2016, “El Son de la Misión: A Musical Journey from 1960–Present” cuenta la historia de la resistencia de la cultura latina en el Distrito de la Misión a través de canciones originales que reflejan movimientos sociales y artísticos fundamentales en el pasado del barrio con artistas del presente. La producción presenta el trabajo del director artístico, compositor principal y arreglista Dr. John Calloway, co-director teatral, guionista y letrista Carlos Barón, y un elenco talentoso de músicos y actores.

Las donaciones se duplicarán
Carnaval San Francisco ha anunciado que un donante generoso ha creado un reto de recaudación en el que se va a igualar cada dólar (hasta $100,000) recaudado durante “El Son de la Misión-Juntos Contra el Hambre”. Cada donación al Mission Food Hub se duplicará durante esta campaña!

Cómo sintonizar
3 de agosto a las 5:00 pm:Parte 1 El Son de la Misión-Juntos Contra el Hambre

10 de agosto a las 5:00 pm:Parte 2 El Son de la Misión-Juntos Contra el Hambre

¡Visite la página de recaudación de fondos del Mission Food Hub, o encuentre un enlace directo en la página de Encore! Summer Concert Series de CMC.

Exciting and new classes


CMC classes and lessons are looking spectacular for fall with new offerings coming down the pipeline!

CMC faculty are using their creativity and know-how to bring online learning to life. Visit the website to learn more about the innovative ways CMC faculty are creating an engaging online music community for youth and adults. The faculty continue to provide personalized instruction to help you achieve your musical goals.

Students enrolled in private lessons at CMC receive a 50% discount on group classes and ensembles.


New classes 

Cuban Rhythm and Improv Lab with Tregar Otton

Musicians of all levels will learn rhythms key to Cuban danzón, cha-cha-chá, and son montuno as well as how to approach improvisation in Cuban music. 
Ages: Adults, older teens (high school students)
Day and time: Wednesdays, 5:30–7:00pm

Deep Listening Workshop with Rachel Condry

Deep Listening is a meditation practice that uses listening/sounding, movement and dreaming modalities to explore and connect to ourselves and the world around us. This workshop will explore listening (utilizing the interplay of attention and awareness to deepen the listening experience), movement (listening deeply with the body) and dreaming (24-hour listening).
Ages: Adults
Day and time: Wednesdays, 7:30–9:00pm

Music in the Movies with Rachel Condry

This chamber class will explore musical themes from popular film series like The Pirates of Caribbean, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. 
Ages: 12–14
Day and time: Fridays, 4:30–5:30pm

Uke’n Sing (All Ages) with Beth Wilmurt

Do you play some ukulele but have always wanted to sing while you play? Do you like to sing but want to accompany yourself on the ukulele?
Ages: Adults and kids (elementary, middle, high school)
Day and time: Tuesdays, 4:00–5:30pm

Video Game Music with Rachel Condry

A chamber class to explore musical themes from classic video games like Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Megalovania. Classes will focus on learning music from these games, weekly rhythm assignments and practice playing with a click track with the goal of creating collaborative video performances by the end of the quarter. 
Ages: 12–15
Day and time: Fridays, 5:30–6:30pm

New private lessons

Brazilian percussion with Robert Lopez 

Back from his Fulbright Program in Brazil, Robert Lopez will be teaching Brazilian percussion including the rhythms of Samba and Candomblé.

Puerto Rican percussion with Hector Lugo

Hector Lugo will teach Puerto Rican percussion including the rhythms of Plena and Bomba, drawing from the songs in each of these traditional musical styles. 
For enrollment, please make an appointment with CMC’s registration team.

Wishing Linda Hitchcock and María Cora “Bon Voyage!”

At the end of June, CMC saw the retirement of two revered staff members, Linda Hitchcock and María Cora.

During Linda Hitchcock’s 24 years at CMC, she worked as the Children’s Chorus Manager, Development Assistant, Grant Writer, and most recently, as the Concert Hall Manager and Associate Registrar. Linda’s tenure at CMC saw three different Executive Directors and hundreds of great performances. Most memorable to her through the years, were the technology changes at CMC. She has fond memories of pre-digital days, when enrollment was done by paper and pencil in the concert hall of the Mission District Branch. For her, these registration events were a time of camaraderie when the whole staff pitched in to get people signed up for lessons. She also remembers the pay phone that was a feature of the waiting room.

In her retirement, Linda has plans to do volunteer work at the San Francisco Marin Food Bank, plus traveling and camping with her husband and dog.

María Cora was the Older Adult Choir Program Coordinator for the past four years. Maria is leaving the program with feelings of great pride for the accomplishments she has shepherded. Last summer, the choir program was nationally recognized with an award from the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) in the Social Engagement category. A significant highlight in the Older Adult Choir Program recently, has been the securing of multi-year funding from the City of San Francisco, which is a first for the program. 

When María thinks back to her most cherished memories there are many. However, one memory that sticks out for her was the performance of two-hundred Older Adult Choir members at “Getting There Together: A Celebration of All Ages and Abilities” last fall. For her, this performance personified her time at CMC. María remembers the choirs that days as a focal point of the event, showing how aging can be graceful, vibrant, and creative. She felt proud to see the choir directors taking turns conducting and showcasing their unique styles. She was happy to work cooperatively with her CMC colleagues to help put on the city-wide event. As María said, “When we work together, we can’t be beat!”

In her retirement, María’s five-year plan is the launch of an intentional women’s community in Puerto Rico with friends, colleagues, and allies. She plans to live in Puerto Rico part time. 

On June 29, Linda and María went out in style with a Zoom retirement party held in their honor with the doting praise of all who could attend. 

“El Son de la Misión” will stream to raise money for food relief for Mission District families

Poster art by Carlos “Kookie” Gonzaléz

CMC is teaming up with Carnaval San Francisco to live-stream CMC’s 2016 production of “El Son de la Misión: A Musical Journey from 1960–Present” in a multi-day fundraising event El Son de la Misión” – Juntos Contra el Hambre (Fighting Hunger Together) to raise funds for the Mission Food Hub, which provides food for 7,000 families weekly. This two-part streaming event will be held on August 3 (part one) and August 10 (part two) at 5:00 pm on the hub’s fundraising page with a virtual telethon. The streaming is happening in conjunction with CMC’s Encore! Summer Concert Series which broadcasts an encore concert from the CMC Concert Hall archives weekly from July 20–September 6.

Fighting hunger together 
The Mission Food Hub was created by the Latino Task Force to address food insecurity in the Mission District during the pandemic, which has affected the Latinx community disproportionality state-wide and in San Francisco. The task force was co-founded by Carnaval San Francisco’s Artistic Director, Roberto Hernandez. Sylvia Sherman, CMC Program Director, inspired by Carnaval SF’s work of feeding Mission District families, wanted to support their efforts. The broadcast of “El Son de la Misión” as part of CMC’s Encore! Summer Concert Series was the perfect opportunity to partner in raising awareness in the CMC community about the food distribution campaign. Commissioned and originally produced by Community Music Center in 2016, “El Son de la Misión: A Musical Journey from 1960–Present” tells the story of the resilience of Latinx culture in the Mission District through original songs that reflect pivotal social and artistic movements in the neighborhood’s past with artists of the present. The production features the work of Artistic Director, Lead Composer and Arranger Dr. John Calloway, Co-Theatrical Director Script Writer and Lyricist Carlos Barón, and a talented cast of musicians and actors. 

Donations doubled
Carnaval San Francisco has announced that a generous donor has created a challenge grant matching every dollar up to $100,000 raised during El Son de la Misión” – Juntos Contra el Hambre (Fighting Hunger Together) .  Every donation to the Mission Food Hub will be doubled during this campaign.

Tune in
August 3 at 5:00 pm: Part 1 El Son de la Misión” – Juntos Contra el Hambre (Fighting Hunger Together) 

August 10 at 5:00 pm: Part 2 El Son de la Misión” – Juntos Contra el Hambre (Fighting Hunger Together) 

Visit the hub’s fundraising page or find a direct link on the Encore! Summer Concert Series page.