Sights and sounds of summer camps at CMC

Camp CMC 2017

Camp CMC performance Photo: Stuart Zussman

Campers put on an incredible show at the end of their week of playing in ensembles together! Thanks to Camp Director Katie Wreede and faculty members Arwen Lawrence, Tregar Otton, and Jesse Wolff, as well as interns Aaron Bierman and Hannah Hanif from CMC’s Young Musicians Program for making beautiful music and big fun happen!
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Musical Discovery Camp 2017

Musical Discovery Campers Photo: Liz Harvey

Roots music of the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America brought CMC’s Mission Branch to life at the end of June. Thanks to Camp Director Hector Lugo and faculty members Jorge Liceaga and Cecilia Peña-Govea for an amazing week of camp. We can’t wait for more Musical Discovery next year!
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Chamber Music Camp 2017

Chamber Camp rehearsal Photo: Liz Harvey

Our chamber campers performed beautiful works from their classical repertoire with the guidance of our stellar coaches! Thanks to Camp Director Poppy Dorsam and faculty members Lauren Coney and Josepha Fath for bringing these budding performers together.
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Concert Band Camp 2017

Concert Band Camp rehearsal Photo: CMC

This is CMC’s first-ever band camp, and we think it was a brilliant addition to our camp family! Thanks to Camp Director Bill McClanahan for bringing the sounds of concert band to CMC’s Richmond District Branch this summer. They bring back great memories to many of us!

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Preview new classes coming to CMC Fall Quarter!

Come singers, drummers, and little ones!

CMC is rolling out three new unique offerings for the Fall Quarter.

Sign up to sing and play along with your little ones in CMC Chiquitos: a one-of-a-kind Spanish bilingual family music class for ages 0-3. The class is taught by Susan Peña of the Latin music group La Familia Peña-Govea.

Percussionists of all ages and skill levels: gain hands-on experience with Indian rhythmic techniques in the new Indian Rhythms Ensemble taught by acclaimed performer Rohan Krishnamurthy. CMC will provide the instruments and no previous experience is required.

Join renowned CMC faculty Martha Rodríguez-Salazar and Jennifer Peringer in Coro de Cámara, a new chamber choir that will sing in the Baroque, Classical, and folk choral traditions of Spain and Latin America.


CMC Chiquitos

A Spanish Bilingual Family Music Class

This mixed-age music class for infants to three-year-olds and parents/caregivers provides a musical bonding experience and an introduction to singing, rhythmic activities, and musical play. Classes focus on the music of Latin America with an emphasis on Mexican music. More than one adult can attend with a registered child. Class is held in Spanish and English.

Ages: 0–3

Instruments: Voice and percussion instruments provided by CMC

Musical Styles: Music of Latin America

Class Size: 4–8 families

Location, Days and Times:  Mission District Branch, Thursdays, 11:00–11:45am

Instructor: Susan Peña

Tuition: $288 per quarter (12 weeks)
$192 for Summer Quarter (8 weeks)
Tuition will be increased by 5% starting Winter Quarter.
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Sign up starting August 7!


Indian Rhythms Ensemble

This ensemble will explore universal techniques and approaches of Indian rhythm with a focus on the ancient South Indian Carnatic tradition. Gain hands-on experience playing several traditional instruments, including the pitched mridangam, khanjira frame drum, ghatam clay jug drum, and konakkol, a unique system of vocal percussion. Classes will culminate in a public performance with guest artists.

Ages: All

Instruments: Mridangam (double-sided pitched drum), khanjira (frame drum), ghatam (clay jug drum), konnakol vocal percussion (beat boxing). Open to singers and instrumentalists. Bring your instrument if you have one!

Musical Styles: Hand drumming; Indian rhythmic improvisation and composition; adapting traditional techniques to other instruments and across genres

Prerequisites: None

Location, Day and Time: Mission District Branch, Wednesdays, 6:00–7:00pm

Instructor:  Dr. Rohan Krishnamurthy

Tuition: $414 per quarter (12 weeks)
$276 for Summer Quarter (8 weeks)
Tuition will be increased by 5% starting Winter Quarter.
Sign up starting August 7!


Coro de Cámara

A chamber choir that sings the music of Spain and Latin America

Sing beautiful baroque, classical and folk music from Latin America and Spain in a small choir setting. Learn how to sing in Spanish, Latin and several dialects from the Americas in different styles ranging from the 13th century to modern folk styles.

Ages: Adults, older teens

Instrument: Voices of all ranges

Musical Styles: Baroque, classical, and folk music from Mexico, Spain and South America

Prerequisites: Ability to sing in tune and read music. Spanish fluency not required. Entrance by audition.

Class Size: 10–50 students

Location, Day and Time: Mission District Branch; Thursdays, 8:15–9:45pm

Instructor: Martha Rodríguez-Salazar, Director; Jennifer Peringer, Accompanist

Tuition: $366 per quarter (12 weeks)
$244 for Summer Quarter (8 weeks)
Tuition will be increased by 5% starting Winter Quarter.
Sign up starting August 7!