Meet Violinist Sebastian Luc Pond

Sebastian Luc Pond with his teacher Kristan Cassady

Sebastian Luc Pond with his teacher Kristan Cassady

Sebastien just turned seven during November and he can already speak four languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese!  He is also growing proficient in the international language of music, through his weekly violin lessons at the Richmond District Branch of Community Music Center.  His teacher, Kristan Cassady, recently talked with us about Sebastien.

Q: How would you describe Sebastien’s relationship to music?

A: Sebastien is a very introspective, young boy. The violin is the perfect outlet for his personality. He absorbs music and melodies very quickly and does his best to apply what he learns in our lessons at home in his practice.

Q: Have you seen a change in his level of skill or enthusiasm?

A: When I first met Sebastien, he wouldn’t speak. He was very shy and he couldn’t quite hold the violin correctly. It took two months before he would say hello to me and about that same length of time to get him holding the violin up comfortably. But now he is singing with me, regularly conversing, and holding the violin up with confidence!

Q: What are the areas where he’s made the most progress?

A: Sebastien’s posture has improved tremendously since we first met. Once there was a solid foundation in his posture, so many areas began to improve including his accuracy of intonation and his technical facility. His quality of sound from his bow arm is much clearer because he playing with a straight bow as well.

Q: Is there anything else you think that CMC supporters would appreciate knowing about Sebastien?

A: A contribution to Community Music Center is not only a tremendous gift for a talented child like Sebastien, but also a great blessing for me as an educator.  I take pride not only in the fact that Sebastien’s violin playing has improved with lessons, but that his verbal skills, hand-eye coordination, and confidence have soared because of this opportunity.  These are skills that not only effect his violin playing, but everything Sebastien will choose to do with his life outside of music.

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