The Shenson Faculty Concert Series Presents: Elyse Weakley and The Hurd Ensemble

January 27, 2017 @ 8:00 pm
CMC Concert Hall
544 Capp St
San Francisco, CA 94110


CMC faculty member Elyse Weakley joins the Hurd Ensemble to present a program of original music by SF-based composer George Hurd. Hurd’s music unifies the worlds of electronic and classical music. The music is written for viola, cello, upright bass, piano and electronics, meticulously bound together with digitally-arranged sounds collected from Hurd’s travels over the past 15 years. Absolutely no stock electronic sounds are used – every sound produced is of his own creation, recorded, edited and manipulated himself. The electronics are layered to create textures that perfectly complement the acoustic instruments, giving rise to a sound that is extremely organic despite its partially digital origins. Hurd’s music is both wildly, intricately rhythmic and aglow with shimmering harmonies and melodies. Accessible and daring, its percussive yet lyrical qualities make it at home in both concert halls and nightclubs.

They will be performing music from Hurd’s album Navigation Without Numbers and more, as well as premiering two exciting, contrasting pieces by Hurd: Saint Claire – a wildly percussive world-premiere based on Hurd being rescued at sea by a wandering, old sailor and the life-affirming effects of getting close to death, and the SF-premiere of Grace, a shimmering, time-stretching piece co-composed with Joel St. Julien based on trying to achieve a life of simplicity and peace.

“Hurd treats electronics as organic components of the overall interpretation of his compositions. There are points where the electronic beat is primal in the face of chamber style strings and the contrast is riveting. Hurd successfully closes any preconceived gaps between electronics and traditionally composed music and what the listener is left with is sometimes warm, sometimes angular but always accessible.” — All About Jazz

“…fascinating and kinetic… his electro-acoustic compositions resemble the layers of an onion; there’s always another melodic, harmonic, electro-distortion and/or percussive layer to reveal upon repeat listens.” — John Schaefer, WNYC New Sounds

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George Hurd – electronics, compositions
Jacob Hansen-Joseph – viola
Anton Estaniel – cello
Ari Gorman – bass
Elyse Weakley – piano/flute

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