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During CMC’s holiday break, our Mission Branch Registrar, Tania Morales, flew home to see her family in Nicaragua. In her suitcase there were seven recorders that she delivered to the nonprofit music program, Chispas Musicales, on behalf of Community Music Center.

The word chispa literally means “spark” in Spanish, and in Nicaragua the word also refers to a person who learns quickly, who’s intelligent, and energetic.

Chispas Musicales offers free or low-cost music lessons to low-income kids in Managua. The founding director, Douglas Flores, is a longtime friend of Tania’s and was a viola student in a similar program when he was a kid. His experience moved him to build a program of his own in the Jose Dolores Estrada neighborhood of Managua where he grew up. This is a rough area, and his instrument has been stolen there at least once.

Now in its sixth year, Chispas Musicales relies on an all-volunteer faculty of ten. They hold classes on Sunday mornings in the public school in the neighborhood and charge a modest $5 registration fee which they waive for those who can’t pay. Chispas also relies on instrument donations, which leads us to Tania’s story.

From time to time, CMC has a surplus of certain instruments, so we will pass them on to other worthy organizations. Since 2012, Tania has brought the following instruments in her luggage to Chispas:
11 recorders
6 violins
1 guitar
1 keyboard
4 silver flutes
1 trumpet

We all know how hard it is to pack for holiday trips, not to mention international flights! Our thanks to Tania for supporting this generous, inspiring program in her home city of Managua.

Learn more about Chispas Musicales.
Donate a musical instrument to CMC.

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