The Shenson Faculty Concert Series presents: “A Listening Quilt: Contemporary Chamber Music by Women Composers from North and South America” performed by The Bernal Hill Players

March 25, 2018 @ 4:00 pm
CMC Concert Hall
544 Capp St
San Francisco, CA 94110


The Bernal Hill Players are a gleefully eclectic chamber music ensemble that plays classical and contemporary chamber music from around the world, as well as newly commissioned pieces by Californian and Mexican composers. The core ensemble is a trio with flutist and singer Martha Rodríguez-Salazar, clarinetist Rachel Condry, and  pianist and arranger Jennifer Peringer. This concert also includes special guest cellist Jill Brindel.

The “Listening Quilt” program celebrates a culturally diverse harvest of women’s creative work. All the pieces are written in a classical contemporary chamber music idiom, but are also infused with the local flavors of their places of origin, including Harlem Renaissance jazz, West Coast experimentalism, bluegrass and cowboy music, Argentinian tango, Cuban son, and Mexican Danzón.



The program:

Barn Dances, by Libby Larson (USA)

Portraits of Langston, by Valerie Coleman (USA)

Environmental Dialogue, by Pauline Oliveros (USA)

Buenos Aires en Tres, by Claudia Montero (Argentina)

Tepito, by Gabriela Ortiz (Mexico)

Tumbao and Solo Piece for Cello, by Tania León (Cuba)

La Frontera de Cristal, by Diana Syrse (Mexico)